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Lead Agencies

A lead agency is a political subdivision that is generally defined in most states as local governments created by the states to help fulfill their obligations. Political subdivisions include counties, cities, towns, villages, and special districts such as school districts, water districts, park districts, and airport districts.

State statutes generally allow that a government agency can purchase from contracts that have been competitively solicited by another government agency. The development of the solicitation, evaluation of the responses and award determination are performed by public employees of a political subdivision that is separate from and independent of the cooperative organization.

To support due diligence efforts, ProcureSource will only list an organization in the Lead Agency field if it fits the definition of a political subdivision.

Miami-Dade County Florida 1
Montgomery Community College North Carolina 1
Montgomery County Public Schools Maryland 48
Norfolk Public Schools Virginia 9
North Carolina State University North Carolina 3
Oregon State University Oregon 1
Palm Beach County Florida 1
Port of Portland Oregon 3
Prince William County Schools Virginia 2
Public Procurement Authority Oregon 14
San Diego Unified School District California 1
South Davis Metro Fire Agency Utah 3
State of Florida Florida 254
State of Florida Department of Transportation Florida 1
State of Maryland Maryland 55
State of Washington Washington 1
Washington County Public Schools Maryland 1
Wicomico County Public Schools Maryland 1