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About Us

ProcureSource was created with one goal — to make cooperative purchasing easier.

Cooperative purchasing has had a long history in government, education and with nonprofits and throughout this time the landscape has changed significantly. Legislation has been changed, options have expanded and use of cooperative contracts has become an industry norm and best practice.

This widespread acceptance has spurred the creation of many national cooperative choices — as well as confusion about the differences, advantages of each and uncertainty of the value. Agencies still need to do their due diligence to ensure compliance but gathering the documentation and reviewing information from multiple sources in multiple formats is not an easy task.

Welcome ProcureSource. We are the starting point for identifying your cooperative purchasing options. Conduct your search, access contract documents and find the information needed to confirm if the contract is eligible for use under your state laws. When you are ready to move forward, ProcureSource can point you to the cooperative or supplier to begin using the contract.

One location. One format. Hundreds of contracts and the information to determine what is best for your organization.

ProcureSource — Making Cooperative Purchasing Easy.