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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee?

There is no fee to use ProcureSource. If you are a supplier or cooperative, we include standard information for a low, annual account upload and maintenance fee. If you are interested in enhancing your contract information to include more details that would be helpful to users, please contact us for specifics on the additional information that can be added.

Where does ProcureSource get their information?

Contract information, documents and other cooperative and supplier details are pulled from publicly available websites that host this information. Additionally, cooperatives will submit this information directly. ProcureSource standardizes all of this information to make searching for contracts and conducting your due diligence easier.

How often is the information updated?

Cooperatives that are supplying information directly to ProcureSource have their information updated as it is received. New updates are posted within 24 hours of receipt. If information is being gathered from publicly available sources, it is updated monthly.

Why isn't all of the contract information filled out?

The information that is "greyed" out in ProcureSource is for content that is available as part of our enhanced listing options. As suppliers and cooperatives opt to provide this information, it will be populated. Not all companies will choose to provide this level of detail and in those instances the basic listing and contract documents are all that will be provided.

Why is there an emphasis on due diligence?

With the number of cooperatives available in the marketplace as well as the varying procurement statues within each state, it can be difficult to determine which contracts meet your procurement laws. ProcureSource aims to give you the needed resources to determine which contracts will work for you. Visit our due diligence page for questions to guide you through the process and our state statutes page for the most recent regulations for your state.

What are the different solicitation types?

You'll see several different solicitation types listed under the contracts. This is based on the contract documents. For more details on each option, visit our Definitions page.

Why do you list Issuing Agency and Awarding Agency?

When using a cooperative contract, the entity that issued the solicitation and evaluated the responses may be different from the entity that makes the award(s).  Depending on the type of entities involved, your agency may or may not be able to legally access the contract. 

For instance, if a solicitation was created, issued and evaluated by a for-profit entity and the contract award was made by a public agency, many public agencies may not be able to legally utilize the state contract. We provide this information since it is often not made public by the cooperative and it is critical for an informed evaluation of your agency's ability to utilize the contract.

Visit our state statutes page for more details.

Why does the lead agency field for some contracts say "NONE"?

We define a Lead Agency as a public agency that issues, evaluates and awards contracts on behalf of the cooperative. A Lead Agency is also separate and independent from the cooperative and is one of several public agencies that act as Lead Agencies for the cooperative. If a contract has been solicited by the cooperative staff or by an entity acting as the sole issuer for a cooperative, you will see “None” as the designation under “Lead Agency”.  

Why am I being required to register?

If you are a user that has been prompted to register, it has been determined that you have been accessing a larger volume of information than the standard user. Your registration is completely free, but we do request identification of high-volume users so we can ensure the information is being used for legitimate business purposes. Our registration request was created to protect and ensure the integrity of the information available through our site.

If the site is free, how do you make money?

Our goal is the keep the site free for public agencies, education institutions and nonprofits. In order to fund the operations of the business, we will offer cooperatives and companies the opportunity to pay for featured listings that include their logo, additional information, multiple categories and expanded search functions. As with other online directories, there will eventually be a mix of paid and unpaid listings. ProcureSource intentionally did not offer these expanded opportunities in the first several months in order to present all information consistently and ensure users were comfortable with navigating the site.

I am a cooperative, supplier or lead agency. How do I get my information updated?

If you are a cooperative, supplier or lead agency and you would like to update your information, we welcome working with you to provide the most robust and complete information on your organization. Please contact us, or go to the following pages:

Information for Cooperatives

Information for Suppliers

Information for Lead Agencies