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Information for Suppliers

ProcureSource has become the go-to resource for public agencies researching cooperative purchasing contracts - averaging nearly 3,000 visitors a month. We provide multiple ways to enhance your listing and make sure your contract stands out among the 3,000+ suppliers listed on our site — providing suppliers with a platform for educating purchasers on the unique aspects of their cooperative contracts. 

For MUCH less than the cost of ONE trade show, you could be reaching thousands of public agencies who are using ProcureSource and ready to make a purchase.

Stand Out with Optimization

Immediately stand out when your company logo is included in search
listings and on your contract pages

Weblink with Phone Information
Make sure your prospects can find you when they are ready to buy

Contract Summary
Include a descriptive paragraph that provides a quick overview of the
products or services covered through your contract

Additional Categories
Be seen in more search results. Select 5 additional

Business Description
Educate visitors on the unique aspects of your business through a
detailed description on your company page

Keyword Searches
10 keyword or brand name searches. Keywords work behind the scenes
so your contract appears in the most relevant results — and more of