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ProcureSource Link Kit

Create a Link to the ProcureSource website for your Agency!

Follow the easy instructions below to put a link to ProcureSource on your agency's website, purchasing page, or intranet. The link consists of a logo, which you can download and host, or we can host for you.

  1. Choose image size: small or medium
  2. Choose whether you will host the image or we host it for you.
  3. Click "Generate HTML"
  4. Copy the HTML snippet to your web site
  5. If you are hosting the image on your site, please download the image from the "Download" button below and change the tag < IMAGE FILE URL GOES HERE > with your URL for the image.
  6. Have your web designer place the HTML (and images if local) on the site. That's it!

Required Image Size:

Small (150 x 48 px) Medium (300 x 90 px)

Images Hosted On:

ProcureSource Your Website

Generate HTML      Download Image